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What You Should Invest in For Your Wedding

Congratulations! It's time to plan your wedding! 

Before booking vendors for your wedding, think about what is most important to you and what you should invest the most money in for your big day. We have created a list to help you decide what to invest in:

Eternal Bliss Events Couple Nicole & Sal ~ Photo Credit Ikonica ~ Venue: The Arlington Estate


There is a lot to consider when choosing your wedding venue as it is likely the most expensive component for your wedding. Your venue can determine many other elements of your wedding day, so we recommend you tour and consider multiple venues before making your final selection. A few things we suggest you consider are:

Eternal Bliss Events Couple Sydney & Marc ~ Photo Credit: Amp Studios ~ Venue: The Doctor's House
  •  Appearance! If the reception space needs to be transformed with decor to make it look like what you’ve dreamt of- your decor budget will increase.

  • Ceremony! Is there a spot for you to have a beautiful ceremony? Or, if you would like a religious ceremony, proximity to your place of worship is important logistically for travel time.

  • Food! At some venues, outside catering is not permitted, so ensure that you enjoy the food your venue offers

  • Rain plan! Always tour the rain plan location to see if you would be okay with the switch to indoors- if it were to rain on your wedding day. It is important that you love the rain plan just as much as you love the original plan.


Every guest will remember if you had good food at your wedding. Whether you are hiring a caterer or selecting from the venues’ options, when putting together the menu for your wedding, focus on the quality of food rather than quantity! Three excellent courses are much better than a five-course meal that is not enjoyable. Don’t forget to schedule a tasting so you can adjust the menu or tweak a specific dish based on your likes and dislikes.

EBE Tip:

One thing that we love to see is a creative late-night station! Whether you have an ice cream truck or have your favourite fast food being passed around on the dance floor, make it an experience!

Eternal Bliss Events couple Alex & Taso ~ Photo Credit Lindsie Grey Photography

Entertainment (band, DJ & MC)

Eternal Bliss Events Couple Lisa & Joe ~ Digital X MC Andre ~ Photo Credit AGI Studio

Your band, DJ and MC selection can make or break a wedding reception. We always recommend hiring a professional when it comes to the entertainment at your wedding. A professional MC will keep your guests entertained from the moment they enter the reception until the end of the night. They will ensure smooth transitions between each item and there will definitely be a lot of guest interaction to help keep things lively.

A professional DJ or band will know how to read a room to make sure they keep your dance floor bumping all night. Similarly to the food at a wedding, the experience of a fun night with great music is what your guests will remember! Seek out DJs or bands that were great at a reception you attended or refer to your planner for their advice! 

Band (ft. the groom) at an Eternal Bliss Events wedding ~ Rebecca and Anthony ~ Photo Credit: Tara Weddings

EBE Tip:

One of our preferred vendors is Digital X Entertainment. Digital X has DJs and MCs who are experienced with many different nationalities. They make sure to really understand you as a couple, and your guests, to ensure they pair you with your perfect match. We highly recommend Digital X to our clients!

Digital X Entertainment: MC Samantha, MC Ray, MC Graziano, MC Edwin, DJ Melissa (Digital X's owner), DJ Adriano and MC Gianluca

Wedding Planner/ Coordinator

Enjoying your wedding day, and having less stress in the months leading up to your day is so important. So whether you would like a full-plan or a month-of plan- we can take that stress from you! A professional wedding planner will work with you, make recommendations, be with you in all areas when planning, create a detailed schedule of your wedding day and see it through on your big day! Some things people do not consider when thinking about whether or not they should hire a wedding planner are the nitty gritty things on the day of. Who will set up your extra decor pieces (e.g. menu cards, picture frames, favours, etc.)? Who will make sure everything is running on schedule? Who will deal with any arising issues on the day of the wedding? Who will teardown the decor? It is best to not leave these items for yourself or for a friend or family member as you will all want to enjoy a stress-free day after all the money and hard work that has gone into it! Read reviews and ask your friends for a referral. We are always happy to have a consultation with couples to see if we are the perfect fit for your wedding day! 

Alessia Dall'Agnese Founder & Senior Event Planner of Eternal Bliss Events ~ Photo Credit: Bassem Photos, Streets of Six


Photos last a lifetime. They are what you will remember your wedding by for many years to come! We want you to look at them and love the style you chose. As you decide who to hire, thoroughly look at different companies’ portfolios and have consultations to find the style (and personality) of the photographer that fits how you want your day captured. It is always best to do a photoshoot with your chosen photographer prior to your wedding day to ensure you get comfortable with them and that you like their style of photos and edits. This will be the time to make any suggestions to them based on your preferences or to book a new photographer if they aren’t a great match for you! Your photoshoot with them can be used for an engagement shoot, a new home photoshoot, family portraits, etc.! 

Check out our online portfolio HERE to see different photographers we have worked with over the years. Maybe you will see a style that really sticks out to you!

If you are wondering where to save, we’ve got you covered! Check out our previous blog HERE!

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