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Wedding Morning Reminders

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Between all of the nerves and all of the excitement, the morning of your wedding will be a whirlwind of emotions! So we have compiled a list of important things to remember as you get ready with your closest friends and family members on your big day!

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Cassie and Jon ~ Photo Credit: Ikonica Images

Only wear the undergarments you will wear with your dress or nothing at all!

Bra straps and bands can leave red marks or indents on your skin, which can be visible while wearing various dress styles. Avoid this by simply wearing the undergarments that you plan to wear with your wedding dress - or by wearing no undergarments - while getting ready and the night before!

Wear a button-down or wrap outfit

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Gabrielle and Keith ~ Photo Credit: Amp Studios

Prepare to wear an outfit while you get ready on your wedding day that can be taken off with buttons, a zipper or a wrap to not disrupt your professionally styled hair and makeup! They are perfectly functional and so cute for photos!

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Krista and Alex ~ Photo Credit: Frame of Mind

Try to avoid opening gifts

(Especially after sitting in the makeup chair) We recommend any tear-inducing gifts be exchanged the night before your wedding or prior to your makeup artist leaving! On your wedding day, emotions are running high, so try to stay calm, have fun and enjoy the morning with your favourite people without tear-stained makeup and puffy under eyes.

Wear your engagement ring on your right-hand

Traditionally your wedding band is stacked below your engagement ring. So, keep your engagement on your right hand so your left ring finger is ready for the band to go on during the ring exchange portion of the ceremony. Alternatively, you can keep your ring on your left hand and swap the order of your rings following the ceremony!

Steam & hang up dresses the night before

The morning of your wedding will fly by, so check steaming dresses off your to-do list the night before your wedding! Whether you assign this job to one of your bridesmaids or prefer to steam them yourself- make sure they are ready to wear. Don’t forget about your veil!

Eternal Bliss Events Couple: Gabrielle & Keith~ Photo Credit: Amp Studios

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Alex and Taso ~ Photo Credit: Lindsie Grey Photography

Dedicate 1-2 people to help you get into your dress

Have these people come to your final fitting to see how you will need to shimmy, get buttoned or zipped into your dress so there are no uncertainties and you leave your house on time.

Bonus tip: Have the seamstress show these designated ladies how to bustle your dress!

The bride should not go first or last for hair and makeup

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Cassie and Jon ~ Photo Credit: Ikonica Images

When you make the schedule for the hair stylist and makeup artist make sure that you are not first or last for either! As the bride, a general suggestion is to be 2nd last for each so your hair and makeup stay fresh but you will not won’t be rushed. This will allow ample time to take getting-ready photos and head to the first look or ceremony!

Always schedule more time than you think you need!

At Eternal Bliss Events, we will help you organize and schedule every part of your morning but, here are a few things to keep in mind!

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Cassie and Jon ~ Photo Credit: Ikonica Images

- Wedding Party Arrival for both parties:

Schedule your wedding party to arrive 15 - 30 minutes prior to the time they actually need to be at the getting ready location for any latecomers. Add 15 minutes to the time that your hair and makeup team believes they need with each member of your bridal party to ensure you are on time. Be prepared for any emergencies, touch-ups, last-minute changes, etc. that may take a few minutes longer than expected.

- Time with your photographer & videographer:

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Kaanchana and Gavin ~ Photo Credit: Jenna Mae Turner

If you are planning to have detailed shots/ flat lay and getting-ready photos, be sure to add extra time to your morning schedule for your photographer. Other morning photos to keep in mind are gift exchanges and/or first looks with family, wedding party or your future Mr/Mrs. Having all items for the flat lay photos and gifts set aside from the night before will help keep you some save time in the morning. We typically recommend 1 hour for getting ready photos with ladies and 30-45 minutes with gentlemen, however, every photographer/videographer works differently, so please consult with your chosen photo/video team!

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Jessica and Dylan ~ Photo Credit: Beautiful Life Studios

- Travel time!

Schedule your limo/transportation vehicle to arrive 15 mins prior to the time you need to depart at. It always takes a while to load the limo with personal belongings for the day and this leaves time for any last minute washroom runs, photos with the limo, etc.

Having extra time is always better than being late!

Give your phone to a bridesmaid

Have this trustworthy bridesmaid or Maid of Honour take behind the scene photos throughout the day so you have something to look at the next morning, stay in contact with your planner or any vendors, and field any texts or calls so you have a peaceful morning!

Pick a good getting-ready space

If you don't live near your ceremony venue, or your bridal crew is too large for your home, consider booking a hotel suite as your getting-ready location. Scheduling for traffic can be difficult and stressful. So, plan to not be further than 30 minutes away from your venue!

Ceremony responsibilities

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Rebecca and Anthony ~ Photo Credit: Tara Weddings

- Rings!

Assign 1-2 people (Best Man and Maid of Honour) to be in charge of the wedding bands. If there are flat lay photos, decide ahead of time if you prefer for you and your spouse to have your own rings for each flat lay photo, or if you prefer for both rings to stay at one location. When you have decided on how to take these detailed photos, you can then designate the person(s) who will bring the rings to the ceremony location.

- Vows!

If you are bringing personal vows to the ceremony, assign the same person that has the rings to have all of the important ceremony items in one spot!

- Marriage license!

We highly recommend the marriage license is given to the officiant at the rehearsal so it is not left behind at your getting ready location. However, if you will not be conducting a rehearsal, Best Man and Maid of Honour will also be on marriage license duty!

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Krista and Alex ~ Photo Credit: Frame of Mind


Don’t forget to drink water and eat!-> Plan ahead who will order food, coffee, etc. Sometimes the thrill of your wedding day can be overwhelming and you can forget something as simple as eating and drinking!

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