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Wedding Band vs. DJ

Updated: May 26

Are you debating between hiring a band or a DJ for your big day, but you just can’t decide? Let us help you!

Left: Digital X Entertainment's DJ Melissa ~ Right: Eternal Bliss Events couple: Rebecca and Anthony, Photo Credit: Tara Weddings, Band: St. Royal (ft. Anthony), Venue: Universal Event Space, Groom's Suit: Isarti

At our weddings, we have worked with a variety of bands and DJs, in the end, they are different experiences for your guests and your preference for music.


We love working with the talented and experienced DJs at Digital X Entertainment - they are one of our preferred vendors that we recommend to our clients, and they know how to get the party started and keep the party going all night long!

Photo Credit: Digital X Entertainment DJ Melissa (owner of Digital X)

Here are just a few reasons why we love DJs so much:

  • An experienced & well-equipped DJ can play music for every part of your wedding if you wish- from the ceremony to your final song on the dance floor. As your Wedding Planner, we coordinate with DJs to plan the order of the day and see it through by communicating what event on the schedule is coming up!

  • You can meet with multiple DJs to help them understand what you are looking for & find the DJ that is the perfect fit for you and your soon-to-be spouse!

  • Music played throughout the whole night is seamless with smooth transitions, there’s never a break in the sound or the fun

  • DJs can read the room and play music that will keep your dancefloor full all night long! With a huge selection of songs to choose from, they can appeal to every guest and change up the vibe quickly if your crowd isn’t feeling it.

  • DJs can hype up your crowd, interact with guests and keep the energy in the room up

Photo Credit: Digital X Entertainment's DJ Melissa, MC Edwin, DJ Adriano & MC Gianluca


Live musicians in any form bring a smile to our faces, whether you choose to have a trio play at your ceremony, a saxophonist during your cocktail hour or a full band playing at your reception, it's a special form of entertainment to add to your wedding day.

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Sydney & Marc ~ Photo Credit: Amp Studios, Band: Super Sonic Hearts, Venue: The Doctor's House, (second picture) Revelry Bridesmaid dress

  • Live music brings a different vibe to a wedding! It is a more intimate way to have music and can be super fun with the crowd

  • Bands are a form of entertainment as they are performing for your guests- they can be watched and admired from seats and they can get people on the dancefloor

  • Some musicians will get out onto the dancefloor with your guests and interact

  • If you are leaning towards a band as your main source of music, they have a smaller selection of music and is typically based on what was chosen by you and your spouse. They often will create a repertoire for the night and that is what is rehearsed going into the wedding day.

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Rebecca and Anthony ~ Photo Credit: Tara Weddings, Band: St. Royal, Venue: Universal Event Space

  • With a band, they will also require breaks throughout the evening. The time for breaks is often filled with a DJ or a second band, which can bring the price up, however, if you have the budget, it's a great choice

  • Additionally, when deciding, consider your venue. Can the room accommodate a band, likely a stage or a large enough space will be needed. Also, check with your venue if they are allowed to bring in their own equipment or if they are required to hook-up to the existing system.

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Ashleigh & Anthony ~ Photo Credit: Amanda Tedesco Photography, Band: AJing Music The Collective, Venue: The Arlington Estate

Ultimately, your style, music preferences, budget and the vibe you want your wedding to have will help you to make your final decision.

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