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Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Coordinator

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Congratulations! You got engaged, now what?

You may be thinking, “Do I even need a wedding coordinator? I could probably plan it, and my venue has a coordinator”. However, a venue coordinator’s responsibilities differ from a wedding coordinator’s responsibilities.

Wedding coordinators work for YOU and are with you during every step of the planning process. They work alongside you to plan your wedding day from the moment you wake up until you are on your way home. Wedding coordinators will ensure that you have a stress-free day.

Now, what are the main differences between the two types of coordinators, and what services do each provide?

Alessia Dall'Agnese Founder & Senior Event Planner of Eternal Bliss Events

Photo Credit: Bassem Photos, Streets of 6ix

Venue Coordinator

Eternal Bliss Events Wedding Coordinator

Works for the venue

Works for YOU

At the venue for a limited time on the day of your wedding

  • At the venue for up to 16 hours on the day of your wedding

  • Can also be with you in the morning, at your ceremony location (if off-site), and at your off-site photos

  • Will stay at the venue for the entirety of the evening - we leave when you leave

Manages venue staff and in-house catering

Manages all of your vendors prior to and on the day of your wedding

Recommends venue’s preferred vendors

  • Recommends vendors based on your style, budget and other needs

  • Can be your main point of contact with all vendors

  • Reviews contracts and details provided by all of your vendors

Assists with putting venue details together

  • Provides you with a checklist to ensure no details are missed with any vendors

  • Attends all final vendor meetings

Follows the schedule provided and/or assists with creating a schedule for only what is happening on-site

  • Creates a detailed schedule for the day of your wedding, starting from when you wake up to when you leave the venue

  • Cues vendors, wedding couple, wedding party, etc. to ensure everything runs on schedule

Not always able to set-up your personal decor items / limited to what they can set-up

Will set up any personal decor, menus, etc. or DIY items for you

Will ask you for a point of contact for your wedding day if any issues arise

Your point of contact to solve any issues

The perfect coordination team is a seamless collaboration between the Venue Coordinator and your Wedding Coordinator, creating a blissful day for you and your partner.

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