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How To: Make Your Wedding Unique & Memorable

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Do you want your guests talking about how amazing your wedding was for years to come?

Every wedding is special because of the two people committing to their love and getting married. However, a MEMORABLE wedding has unique details that will have people truly enjoying the day and talking about it for a long time.

To help make the day EXTRA memorable, it is important that as you plan your wedding you put special thought into every element of the day - big or small. So let’s toss any traditions, trends or elements and create the most special day for you, your families and your guests.

Fun late-night food:

Utilize whatever late-night options your venue provides, but also have some fun with your late-night buffet! We are so used to seeing the standard poutine and slider stations, let’s mix it up! If your venue allows it, get your favourite fast food delivered! It can brought out on the dance floor or set up nearby. McDonalds, shawarma, popcorn chicken, bubble tea?! Another fun idea is having a food truck come by!

Eternal Bliss Events Couple: Alexandra & Taso ~ Photo Credit: Lindsie Grey Photography

The options are endless so have fun with it!

Delectable 5-star food:

Nobody should leave your wedding hungry or unimpressed with the food, so when considering your venue or caterer, read reviews of the food and do a tasting. It’s something that everyone will talk about during and after your wedding!

Unique entertainment:

Get creative with your definition of entertainment! A few of our favourite ways to enjoy entertainment are live musicians and artists! Live music is a great way to add something special to a wedding, a band, a saxophonist during cocktail hour, a quartet during the ceremony, etc.!

Live artists can paint a portrait of your first kiss during, first dance, or any other special moment you would like them to capture! It’s nice to see it in passing and a beautiful piece of art to have in your home!

Caricature Artists are another fun way to keep your guests interactive, and lets your guests have an extra takeaway from the wedding!

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Diana and Luca ~ Photo Credit: Mango Studios

Good music:

There's nothing worse than an empty dance floor at 10:00! (plan that playlist with your DJ/Band!) Get a good mix of current songs plus a mix of 80s/90s/2000’s to cater to all of your guests! A good way to make sure that you will see your guests on the dance floor is to ask them on their RSVP card! Add in an extra line, “You will see me on the dance floor when ____________________ (insert song here) plays!” Compile all the answers and share them with your DJ/Band!

Band from Eternal Bliss Events wedding: Rebecca and Anthony ~ Photo Credit: Tara Weddings


Whether your budget is big or small you can get creative and make your wedding beautiful. We love our DIY couples (and are happy to set up your venue just the way you have envisioned). Everyone enjoys the beauty of well-planned decor!

Photo Credit: Mango Studios, AGI Studio, Frame of Mind, Jenifer Boyce Photography, Ikonica Images

Special seating chart:

There are many ways to make your seating chart pretty and on theme with your wedding, but take it a step further with the creativity- make it interactive, get the party started (take a shot & take a seat) or make a peel away pic behind each seating card to reveal a picture!

Make your guests comfortable:

Make sure that you keep comfortability (in every sense) in mind when planning the finer details. An outdoor ceremony on a summer day can be excruciatingly warm, so make sure your guests have water, umbrellas, fans and sunscreen readily available- and mention the setting on your wedding website/ invitations. For an outdoor/ tented reception: have pashminas/blankets and bug spray for the evening. Other items that truly can make a difference are flip flops for dancing, bathroom baskets for emergencies, having extra of a specific type of alcohol, etc. There are many small details to keep in mind that your guests will sincerely appreciate.

A good MC:

There are a few options for the role of the MC: a professional MC, someone close to the bride and groom who is not afraid to speak on the mic or your DJ (only some DJ’s will- so inquire with yours!). At Eternal Bliss, we always highly recommend hiring a professional! A professional ensures smooth transitions, knowing the right things to say at the right time, getting the party started and keeping the party going! They are professionals for a reason!

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Cassie and Jon ~ Photo Credit: Ikonica Images

Short speeches!

The length of all speeches is important to note ahead of your wedding day! We highly recommend you tell all those making a speech to keep them under the 3-5 minute range. However, if there are longer speech(es) planned, it needs to be accommodated in the schedule to ensure dinner service stays on schedule (and to not lose the interest of your guests!).

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