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Emergency Kits For Bridal Parties

Emergency Kits are crucial for every event. We have it stuffed with the essentials that keep us ready for anything- from a loose button to an injury! We stay prepared.

When booking any planning package with Eternal Bliss Events, on your wedding day you will have access to our extensive Emergency Kit. However, we have found that it can be helpful for bridal parties to have mini emergency kits of their own for moments when we are not with you. Here are a few things that we recommend.


Your pretty shoes will start to hurt your feet so be sure to pack sandals to dance the night away!

Stain Remover

Stains can be hard to avoid- so pack a Tide to Go pen & make sure your bridal party’s dresses and suits stay stain-free in every photo!

Bandaids & Blister Bandaids

Blisters were not invited to the wedding! Be prepared with lots of band-aids to rid your feet of blisters! Pretty shoes = painful blisters!

Makeup Wipes

If you and your girls are criers, be prepared to wipe off & touch up your makeup with some wipes in your bag!

Lint Roller

Have every suit looking pristine with touch-ups from a pocket-sized lint roller.


Is anyone headache prone? Is anyone partying the night before? Keep Advil on hand just in case!

Hand Cream

Stay nice and moisturized throughout your wedding day- especially for any up-close photos of you and your spouse’s hands with the new rings on your fingers!


Wedding days are long! Pack a few snacks & make sure you and your crew don’t get hungry before cocktail hour.


Stay smelling great throughout the day with a swipe or spray of deodorant.

Hair Ties & Clips

Dancing the night away could make you want to get your adjust your hairstyle, throw a few hair accessories\s in your bag for a quick style change

Compact Pressed Powder

Make sure that your beautiful makeup makes it through the night without going shiny with a compact pressed powder.


Any time during your wedding could make someone emotional. Keep them close by for any tearful moments.

Lipstick & Lipgloss

Your lip products can fade away from eating and drinking just like any other day, so make sure you have your products on hand so you can touch it up throughout the day and night!

Selection of Feminine Hygiene Products

Keep a little pouch of products, just in case any of your girls need it!

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