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A Q&A with Eternal Bliss Events

As the wedding season is upon us, we would love to reintroduce Eternal Bliss Events! Keep reading for a Q&A with the Founder and Senior Lead Planner Alessia Dall’Agnese. 

~ Photo Credit: Streets of Six, Venue: Artigianale Ristorante & Enoteca, Florals: Blossom and Sunshine ~

What was your journey to becoming an event planner?

Alessia: Coming out of high school my dream was to study creative writing or journalism. I ended up choosing a Media Studies program which allowed me to explore 4 different streams; including Journalism and Public Relations. I ended up falling in love with the Public Relations program which included many event planning classes.

From there I did an internship with a reputable wedding planning company, completed a post-grad certificate for Event Management and here I am today!

Why did you become a Wedding & Special Events Planner?

Alessia: They say to turn your hobby into a career and you’ll never work a day in your life. I genuinely enjoy planning, organizing and executing. The cherry on top is getting to be a part of some of the most important moments in people’s lives.

Why did you choose the name Eternal Bliss Events?

Alessia: At the end of a wedding, I watch my clients with their family and friends enjoying their final moments on the dancefloor of what has been one of the best days of their lives and at that moment I feel eternal bliss radiating through them.

What makes Eternal Bliss Events unique? 

Alessia: I can mention many things that make Eternal Bliss Events unique but what I think makes Eternal Bliss Events stand out the most from many other planning companies is that we don’t leave your event until you do. We are there until the very end, making sure we tear down all of your decor, pack it up, load it into a car and we make sure everything runs smoothly right until the last second!

What is/ are your favourite part(s) of a wedding day?  


  • The walk down the aisle

  • Vows

  • The final moments on the dancefloor with closest friends and family

What trends are you loving right now?


  • Intimate weddings/events

  • Mismatched bridesmaid dresses

  • Candid photos

  • Mini heart-shaped cakes

What is your wedding planning advice for current and future brides and grooms? 


  • Set aside one or two days a week to make wedding planning decisions together

  • On your wedding day make sure to set time to be alone with your partner and enjoy the moment

  • There are no rules to a wedding, make it uniquely you

  • Hire a wedding planner/coordinator!


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