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A Guide to Wedding Party Proposals

Updated: May 26

Your wedding party comprises some very important people in your life, so make this “proposal” a special moment. Keep reading for our favourite ways to propose to bridal parties from a low cost to luxury!

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Gabrielle & Keith ~ Photo credit: Amp Studios

First, let’s answer a question we always hear: Are they a necessity? No, but they are appreciated and don’t need to be as extravagant (or expensive) as you might see on social media!

Custom wedding-themed goodies

You can absolutely DIY this to select the exact items to give your girls and guys, however with the growing popularity of this proposal, there are many shops on Etsy that will customize the whole gift! Some shops will compose a whole box of goodies, or you can purchase one of the cute on-theme items and put the other pieces of the gifts together yourself to keep the overall cost down or use one item to pop the question!

EBE Tip: when selecting customized items, ditch the terms “Bride Squad”, “Bridesmaid” and “Groomsmen” on labels. Instead, put their initials or name on the items so that they can use it beyond your wedding

Custom singular item ideas that your guys & girls will actually use!

Lower price range:

& So much more! Check out Etsy to find gifts that best fit your wedding party

Eternal Bliss Events Couple: Diana & Luca ~ Photo Credit: Mango Studios

Luxury custom:

  • A luxury box of products i.e Dior lip oil, champagne, candle, jewelry, face roller, clip…

  • An Engraved Watch (varies)

Eternal Bliss Events Couple Christina & Tristan ~ Photo Credit: Timeless Tree Weddings, Groomsmen Suits: 4 Men United

Wedding Day Costs

Being in a wedding party can be costly, so rather than gifting a proposal box, simply ask them and then put money towards covering the cost of their dresses, suits, accessories (bowtie/tie), hair/makeup, etc.! 

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Gabrielle & Keith ~ Photo credit: Amp Studios

Eternal Bliss Events Couple Sydney & Marc ~ Photo Credit: Amp Studios, Hair & Makeup: Bianca Minghella Beauty

Simply ask!

If custom gifts are not what you are looking for to ask your bridal party, simply ask them. Whether you gather everyone at one event or ask them individually, this is a great way to keep it low-key and low-cost. Simply pop the question with a little card that you can DIY using Canva or buy one from Etsy for a very low price.

However you ask your favourites to be in your wedding party, they are sure to be honoured! Let us know how you asked your VIPs!

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