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A Groom's To-Do List

Attention all grooms-to-be! Here is your to-do list before your wedding. Brides, send this to your fiancé ASAP!

Have you heard that there's always a laundry list of things for the bride to do to prepare for the wedding day, and a groom just has to show up? Well, that is not entirely true, here is a detailed list of everything a groom needs to do before the big day!

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Gabrielle & Keith ~ Photo Credit: Amp Studios ~ Venue: Stevenson Estate

Practice your vows & speech:

Write and make final edits at the latest 2 days before the wedding. Print them out to be read on paper, or a vow book. Please don't read off your phone! And most importantly practice saying both your wedding vows and speech out loud.

Tie your tie:

Make sure you know how to tie your tie or bowtie. Nerves can get to you on your wedding morning so practice in the weeks leading up to the big day so you are confident while getting ready (and not watching a how-to video on YouTube on your wedding day)! 

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Julia & Brandon ~ Photo Credit: J & S Photography

Get a manicure:

Manicures are not just for the ladies! You will have many photos taken where your hands are the focus throughout the day (while getting ready, placing wedding bands, holding hands, etc), so make sure to get your nails and cuticles cleaned up!

Stay & look hydrated:

Drink water throughout the day and look hydrated by preparing a bag with chapstick and moisturizer for your face and hands! 

Don’t change up your look:

Decide and test out the haircut and facial hair in the months leading up to the big day (no bad surprises!). Get a fresh haircut a couple of days before from your TRUSTED barber. 

Don't drink too much alcohol:

A drink or two with your groomsmen in the morning is absolutely okay. HOWEVER, nothing is worse than a hungover or drunk groom (and bridal party). You have waited so long for this day, so enjoy every moment of the ceremony and pace your drinks throughout the evening! 

Buy a second shirt:

~An extra shirt is always a good idea! Buy a duplicate shirt to change into for the reception. If you will be outdoors, sweating from nerves or if you are prone to spilling- a spare crisp shirt is the perfect solution.  ~This isn’t like buying a second tailored suit, a button-down shirt can be worn again any time- you can never have too many!  

Prepare for the morning photos:

When the photographer comes to your getting-ready location, have all the items that will be in the detail shots ready in a box to be photographed. This could include ring(s), cuff links, cologne, a watch, a tuxedo, shoes, tie, etc.

Eternal Bliss Events Couple: Ashleigh & Anthony ~ Photo Credit: Amanda Tedesco Photography

Break in your shoes:

Just as we suggest ladies break in their heels, practice walking in your new shoes. This will also help you avoid a stiff walk down the aisle and blisters! (And pack your dancing shoes/sneakers for the evening).

Wrinkle-free suit & ironed shirt:

Steam and iron your tux the day before to avoid the stress, rushing (or forgetting) and remind your guys to do the same!

Empty your pockets:

We will remind you of this, but, just a heads up for the whole bridal party- no phones, wallets, etc in your pockets. Full pockets are very visible in photos so keep all of these items in the limo or bridal suite, or we can hang on to them for you until after formal photos are taken!

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Christina & Tristan ~ Photo Credit: Timeless Tree Weddings ~ Groom's Suit: 4MenUnited ~ Groomsmen's Suits: Made2Measure Clothing ~ Florist: Riverside Flower Shop

Check in on your groomsmen

~As you get closer to your wedding day, talk to each of your groomsmen and make sure they have picked up their suits/ties/socks/shoes/etc. 

~ Make sure your groomsmen are on time. Tell them to be at your getting ready location 30 minutes before they need to be there to get ready so any latecomers are on time! Confirm the time with them all at rehearsal, and send a group text in the morning! 

~ After all detail shots are taken, ensure the best man has the rings before you head to the ceremony (if that is who is in charge of them).

Be an equal partner in the planning of the wedding:

~ This is as much your day as it is your partner’s! So help by attending as many meetings as you can, deciding on vendors, helping make the final decisions, and sending final payments.  ~On your wedding day, you may have outstanding balances to be paid and tips to be handed out. Take this task off the bride’s to-do list and we can help you with this too!

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