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2024 Wedding Trends

New year, new trends! Let's break down what's trending and what's not for the 2024 wedding season.

What's in

Restaurant Receptions 

With the rise of intimate weddings, we are seeing couples use more unique venues. And with a small guest count, a reception at your favourite upscale restaurant is feasible. 

Eternal Bliss Events Couple: Renee & Thomas ~ Photo Credit: AB Creations, Venue: Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie

Mini Bouquets 

Sofia Richie Grainge has started many trends from her Spring 2023 wedding. Her mini bridal bouquet is becoming an increasingly popular choice for brides and we expect to see it in 2024 weddings. It adds a bit of elegance to your bridal fashion and is budget-friendly!

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Gabrielle & Keith ~ Photo Credit: Amp Studios, Florals: Rose & Shine, Venue: Stevenson Estate
Sofia Richie Grainge ~ Photo Credit: German Larkin


Florals descending from the ceiling like clouds are always stunning, and they aren’t going anywhere! Expect to see florals everywhere this season in varying shapes, textures, sizes and colours. 

A Curated Thoughtful Menu

According to Vogue, we are going to see weddings creating a culinary experience. If your venue allows it- create a menu with meaningful dishes served at your wedding. Consider including a traditional family recipe in your menu or offer your favourite take-out dish at late night as some of our couples have. 

A favourite treat of the couple's- even included in the Best Man's speech! ~Eternal Bliss Events couple: Alex & Taso ~ Photo Credit: Lindsie Grey Photography, BubbleTea Vendor: Chatime, Venue: The Arlington Estate

Specific Dress Code 

Create a dress code that is very literal for your guests. Include in your invitation a page with the specific vibe or colour(s) you would like your guests to wear. This creates a beautiful aesthetic and photographs wonderfully.

What's Out

Staged Photos

Many couples are drifting away from the many posed and planned photos. Rather there is a rise in having a few posed but many fun candids that capture the couple’s personality. The vibe of photography is vintage with flash in the dark, appearing to have been taken on film. Additionally, we expect to see a rise in couples hiring a wedding content creator to capture the day in a different way! Check out our preferred Wedding Content Creator: SS Social

Eternal Bliss Events Couple Stephanie & Steve ~ Photo Credit: Jeremie Dupont, Venue: The Loft on King
Eternal Bliss Events Couple Stephanie & Steve ~ Photo Credit: Jeremie Dupont, Venue: The Loft on King, Florals: Wild North Flowers

Big Bridal Parties

With many intimate guest counts, couples are also choosing to shrink the number of people in their bridal party. Some choosing none at all while others will have strictly a Best Man and Maid of Honour or their very close inner circle. 

Traditional Guestbooks

Eternal Bliss Events couple Krista & Alex ~ Photo Credit: Frame of Mind, Venue: Royal Venetian Mansion, Stationary: Costa Printing

We saw a rise of creative guestbooks in 2023 and it looks like it will continue into this season! Couples are choosing to replace the traditional book with an audio guestbook, portrait, home decor, or one of the many other creative ideas.

Eternal Bliss Events couple: Sydney & Marc ~ Photo Credit: Amp Studios, Venue: The Doctor's House, Florist: Lovely Blooms Florist

Large Wedding Cakes

As they have in the past few years we expect to see wedding cakes get smaller and simpler this season. Many choosing to have a 1-tier cake or a glamorous dessert bar. Let's face it, hardly anyone has a chance to eat it at the late night station (unless it is served with plated dessert) and many couples see this as an easy way to budget.

But remember, do whatever you love for your wedding! Just because something is not “trendy” doesn't mean you can’t have it at your wedding.

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